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Blond Ambition Collection was created especially for blonde hair. It provides hair with maximum nutrition and restoration. Prevents brittleness and porousness, restores hydrophile-lipophile balance.
Curl Passion Collection is designed to shape and nourish amazing curls and gorgeous waves. Curl Passion products will not only highlight special hair shape, but also fill it…
Colour Protect Collection was created for long-lasting magnificent hair colour. This family of products prevents shades from fading and assures health and perfect look of the…
Volume Filler Collection is designed to provide perfect hair lift and bio energy. Volume Filler Collection perfectly suits all hair types, makes them beautiful and healthy.
Kera Shot Collection was exclusively created for excellent hair reconstruction and vitalization. It is guaranteed to restore and transform deeply damaged hair, revitalizes natural strength, providing…
Sapphire Energy Collection is formulated to increase hair strength while imparting anti-aging benefits. Sapphire Energy family products guarantee energy and magnificent shine for your hair.
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