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Vintage tailored looks are very popular and The SCREEN.SIREN.KIT has all the tools and product you need to create this look. The SCREEN.SIREN.KIT is linked to a podcast that will take you through the creation of the look via a QR code that will lead you step by step from start to finish.


  • 6 x PIN.CLIPS

The TEXTURE.NET is the perfect tool for natural dries and scrunch dries on curly hair. The net acts like a big diffuser. Works really well when drying men’s hair or on women’s hair to achieve that undone look with no fly aways. An essential tool for the budding session hairstylist.

PIN.CLIPS are essential for any hairstylist’s kit. For me, I was always getting marks on the hair until I discovered the one prong clip. The one prong clip stops the hair from getting marked and ruining the finish of your style. The one prong PIN.CLIPS are really strong and do not slip off. They are the perfect compliment to making waves sit where you want them.

These curlers have tiny hair like ridges that feed hair evenly onto the surface. They have circular vents that improve air circulation for even cooling and a smoother wave. Self-fastening and snag free.

The WAVE.CLIP is a multipurpose tool that smoothes frizz and flyways on naturally curly hair, enhancing waves to make them smoother. This clip can create smooth waves on straight hair by adding movement without frizz or fly-away’s.

The kit includes 3 colours of Linen Thread and 2 sewing needles. The Linen Thread is extremely durable and has tiny imbrications that catch onto the hair, allowing you to create the seamless “hair up.” In the instances where you have to insert flowers or jewelry into the hair, sewing those items is the only way to get them to stay-in seamlessly for the whole day.